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We started in the duct cleaning industry 15 years ago and our expertise has been utilised in government buildings, hospitals and high end hotel chains. After years of being told "you are like a 21st century chimney sweep", we decided to enrol on an ICS training course (Institution of Chimney Sweeps) to be certified to clean domestic property chimneys. Chimneys should be swept annually, or if used on a regular basis, twice a year. A clean chimney is less likely to catch fire, and the burner itself will be far more efficient, it is also beneficial to the environment. ICS chimney sweeps are AXA home insurance approved.

We use state of the art brushing equipment along with negative pressure units, which can also be used for asbestos removal, to ensure a professional clean dust free service.

We also use a state of the art CCTV system. A video inspection will enable the user to ascertain many problems which are commonly found in chimneys. These include the position of large holes and breaches, structural cracks or failings chimney fires, bird nests, blockages and the extent of damage within the flue interior.

Chimney Cleaning starts at £49. We offer a great service for all types of Fire places, Wood burning stoves, Log Burners, Open Fires, Agas, Multi-Fuel & Wood Stoves & all other chimneys cleaned, Please Contact Us for full details.



We are registered with the Institution of Chimney Sweeps. After sweeping your chimney, we will issue you with a certificate recognised by all leading insurance companies.

We are AXA home insurance approved. If you choose an unregistered sweep, you are unlikely to be able to claim on your insurance for any damage caused by a chimney fire.

A clean chimney is less likely to catch fire and the burner itself will be far more efficient and better for the environment.